“It was the best money I ever spent.  Leslie improved every room in my house.  The items she purchased added both beauty and function. She made the pieces I already have look fresh and new. She displays items in a way that gives a total facelift to your home. Her professional design style made me realize how inexperienced I am.  My home looks a 110% better now, that my nest has been feathered. A friend suggested, "I need to higher her where ever I move…it would be worth it to fly her in for the weekend!"

    Lisa (Winnetka)

“Leslie worked magic in my home. She was able to work with what I have and purchased additional items to make it look finished.  She did not judge my funny ideas and always listened to what I wanted.  Most importantly, she made my home look amazing with the style I like.”

    Tessa (Winnetka)

“Leslie opened up my home by making a few simple changes with my own things. Our house had been on the market for over 6 months and we received our first offer soon thereafter.”

    Jen (Kenilworth)

“Moving is brutal - especially if it is a long distance move to a new part of the country! I started unpacking boxes as fast as I could with the help of friends. But I had no real sense of what pictures I wanted to hang on which walls, how I wanted the wall of bookshelves to look, or how I wanted some of the furniture arranged. And then Leslie rescued me! She suggested that I put everything in groups and let her take over. In one day she did much more than bring order to chaos. She transformed this place where my belongings were…into my home. The best thing is that she brought warmth and comfort to every corner and wall of every room. I haven’t touched anything and I’m still marveling at her handiwork. For the first time in my life - I have a decorated home.”

    Helen (Wilmette)

"Leslie was able to transform our family room from a sparsely furnished area into a cozy, inviting space by almost entirely using our own furnishings and accents. And the majority was finished within a few hours.  Her ability to give bookshelves a lavish, layered look is truly amazing.  A great way to give your home a fresh makeover without breaking the bank!"

    Elizabeth (Kenilworth)

"Leslie was amazingly easy and fun to work with. She was my personal home shopper finding the perfect accents to create a beautiful space in my living room. Her small changes made a huge difference."

    Anne (Kenilworth)

“What a joy & complete pleasure it has been to work with you towards making our house a home. We are both extremely happy and also relieved that we put our trust in your capable hands.”

    Deb (Kenilworth)